• Welcome My Loves

    I am so pleased you have made the first step in your own Personal Journey to find a connection with someone.  I do hope you find your interest peeked as you read through my site. 

    It is a new work in progress, so while I am getting settled in, please be patient.

    I am working through the kinks, and it should be fully up and mesmerizing us both soon


    I am a Chameleon skilled at many facets of life, and I am sure you will find me to be everything you might be looking for…..and then some



    My name is Clarice, but some friends call me Claire. No, I have yet to meet Dr. Lecter, but I must say I Adore and Tingle at the way he says my name

    I stand 5’4″ with long Strawberry/Auburn hair down past my waist

    My eyes, the color of the sky and the beach combined, will have you spell bound.

    34B-27-37 are the curves I was born to fill, and I do so in a little package of Pure Passion and Spontaneity.


    I am a Mature Lady of 50, and love to spend my time with Suitors that know how to respect and treat a Lady like their Mother taught them to

    Midwest St. Louis Born, Dirty South Florida Transplant from the age of 14, I am a consummate Southern Belle with the fire and spark to ignite even the calmest of situations; when the time calls for it that is


    German, Irish, French, and a slight bit of Cherokee makes me a fabulous blend of Culture and Appearance. Red haired, Blue eyed, and the skin of Caribbean Nights in the Summer months/ Irish fair lady in the Winter’s

    Fascinated already? I assure you things are just getting started love



    ♦  You can reach me anytime through Email at ClariceBertinne@SafeOffice.com

    ♦  7:30 am-10:30 pm ( Unless we have previous arrangements) at (904) 624-8686

    I prefer you to introduce yourself through Email/Text first before calling….After we have been acquainted, then I would be glad to phone you 😉




    Nothing is more of a turnoff than someone that interrupts my sleep. I might even answer and show you the other side of me…TRULY.   I have heard she is not so nice, I wouldn’t know, as I am SLEEPING





    Please Note: I do ask for screening information to feel comfortable in seeing you. I will not be able to see you without this. Until that is viewable here please email me for that….

    Thanks again for your patience while ” I ” am being reconstructed 


    I offer Private Discreet Meets, whether we do that in a Social Setting, or more of a One on One Date…… I would love to meet at my place or at a place you are securing for us.

    I do not visit Private Residences without Impeccable References from Well Known Established Ladies

    I appreciate you being gracious with me, and spoiling me senseless, while I return the favor by letting you know YOU are the center of my attention; because you most definitely are




    1 Hour   $350

    90 Min  $475

    2 Hours $600

    3 Hours $800

    4 Hours $1000


    1 Hour $400

    90 Min $525

    2 Hours $650

    3 Hours $825

    4 Hours $1000


    An Additional Travel Fee, or a Longer Booked Appointment, will be required of Gentlemen that would like to meet outside of a 30 Mile radius from where I reside in Jacksonville, Florida.

    Please inquire about this when getting in touch with your Introductions





    I am always Freshly Showered and try to be impeccably groomed and dressed for our Date.  I offer all the amenities at my private sanctuary to make you feel right at home when you arrive as well. Let’s face it, hygiene can either make or break a fabulous get together. Indulge in the Cleanliness!  Fresh towels and toiletries will Always be available and Encouraged






    I do Travel often, and will always have My Calendar up to date with my next Outings.  I love a great tour guide that can ease me into new adventures. Let’s explore these together….

    Are you ready to make some new memories to savor till the next time we embrace “Hello My Love” ?

    I know I am


    I have Travel Packages for the Gentlemen that just can not wait to have me come tour their town.

    Please Inquire about those via Email at ClariceBertinne@SafeOffice.com if you are interested in meeting me away from my home front


    Overnights and Longer Booked Appointments are my Forte’, and they will Always Take Precedence in My Scheduling.

    *That being said, please know I would never cancel with you an already booked appointment to Book with someone else,

    however if someone wants to book a longer appt at the same time frame you needed, I would book the longer rendezvous.*

    I feel honesty upfront IS the only way to go in all my dealings in life.









    Please Understand, by Contacting and Booking with me, you are Acknowledging, as well as Confirming, Adhering too, and Respecting my Cancellation/ Late Policies you see below……Thank you for being a Gentleman



    Take a deep peek into my life, and keep up with my adventures on Twitter @ClariceBertinne


    I can’t wait to see where Our Connection is going to take us

    Get prepared, I think we have opened up the door to things unseen


    Looking Forward To Hearing From You….Kisses,