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Please send the below information to me personally at my email to book.

I will get back to you shortly.


*First and Last Name*

*City you reside*


*Phone Number best reached at*

( I will NOT respond to Apps/Google #/etc. )

*Date/Time/ Length of meet you are requesting*

*Incall or Outcall*

*Any handles on Twitter or any Adult Websites/Message Boards*


* Choose any 2 options below to verify yourself with me *

  1)  Your Company Information/Website that links to you



2) Your Business Email sent to me at my private email address-

(It is not associated with this business here at all and used for your discretion)

Please ask to be sent an email from me


3) Government ID

4) A link to your Verifiable ESTABLISHED LinkedIn

In *addition* to the above you can also send me

2 Provider References that you have seen in the past 12 months

(Please send their website, links to their social media, or their ads)

I may ask additional verifiable questions as I see fit.

Thanking you in advance for making me feel comfortable.

Do hope to make your acquaintance soon!

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