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Coffee, Tea, or Me??


I offer Private Discreet Meets in a social setting or more of a one on one gathering.

I would love to meet at my Incall /Upscale Setting I secure for us.

I also will meet at your Upscale Venue you have secured for us. 

Once we get to know one another, I will consider visiting you in your Private Residence as well.

I ask for screening information to feel comfortable in seeing you. 

I will NOT be able to see you without this.

 I prefer to know my schedule ahead of time and bookings at of  least 48 hours in advance are appreciated.


For Same Day Bookings

Add $50 if pre-screened  or $100 if we have not completed screening already

(To my friends I have seen, get in touch, and I will try my best to accommodate you anytime)

Once you have acquainted yourself with this page, click the link directly below to find booking requirements.


 *******To Book With Me*******

(​ I might ask for additional information at my discretion )






I would love to indulge you the confirmed time frame originally booked.

  I will not always be able to extend past this.

You will be required to leave the full rate regardless.

Please plan accordingly.



I require a slight deposit for all bookings, and you will find those discussed with my Rates.

This is to ensure you have the timeframe/day you needed.

It also ensures me you know my time is valuable as well.

If you  cancel within the timeframe below, your deposit will be put towards your next booking within the next 90 days.

If you do not cancel within the grace period, or stand me up, you forfeit the deposit.

If  I have to cancel your deposit will be returned


We can make arrangements to reschedule the date.

I will then apply the deposit towards that future booked meet.

Deposits on Tour will only be refunded if something cancels on my end....Please Book Accordingly



If you need to cancel our booked/confirmed date, I appreciate you telling me ahead of time. I do realize things come up.

Please cancel within 8-12 hours

I will require the Full Amount of our Booked Rate ahead of time to schedule again for those that do not cancel in time.



You are confirming you acknowledge, accept, will adhere to, and respect my booking policies you have just read here.

Bring your manners, respectful language, and please do not ask questions that we should have already discussed by that point.


My hideaway is yours to feel at home at. Feel free to respectably relax.

That being said, I am always freshly showered, impeccably groomed/dressed for our date.

I expect you to arrive the same way as a courtesy to me and my space.

My linens/towels are fresh and ready for us to be comfortable using, and I have toiletries to freshen up with.

Please feel free to ask to shower upon arrival if you feel you need to.

If I ask you to shower, please do so with understanding and no offense taken.

I appreciate you for this.

Fresh hygiene makes for a better time for both of us.



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