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Clarice Bertinne

Coffee, Tea, or Me??

Your interest has been sparked.

You have landed here, because in the years since I have indulged in this business,

I have carved an upstanding, reliable, professional name for myself, 

and I continue to dance to the beat of my own drum.

This entices you, and in turn, that entices me as well.

I am Clarice Bertinne

( Pronounced   Cla'- Reece  Burr-Teen )

and it is very much my pleasure.

I enjoy spending my time with all Races, Genders, and Identities

as long as you treat me like a Lady.

Your spontaneous partner for adventures;

I am available for Life Excursions and Rendezvous of the Soul.​

56 Years Young

A “tad shy” of 5’4″

131 Lbs.


Natural Redhead – Blue Eyes

Long flowing hair down past my waist

Size M Clothing/Size 6 Dress/Size 8 pants

Size 6 Shoe

Ready to devour more?

Come with me on a unique journey as we make memories together.

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