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Coffee, Tea, or Me??

Your interest has been sparked.

You have landed here, because in the years since I have indulged in this business,

I have carved an upstanding, reliable, professional name for myself, 

and I continue to dance to the beat of my own drum.

This entices you, and in turn, that entices me as well.


 You are ready for the connection of a woman with sultry energy and erotic subtlety.

You have been searching for someone to share your passion for life and unbridled laughter. 

Just around the corner you can sense the lure of blissful abandon…..

Together we can enjoy the thrill and zest of an exquisite “off the beaten path” journey.

Let’s get started.

I am Clarice Bertinne, and it is very much my pleasure.

I enjoy spending my time with all Races, Genders, and Identities as long as you treat me like a Lady.

Your spontaneous partner for adventures; I am available for Life Excursions and Rendezvous of the Soul.


I bring you a curvy, yet petite fireball of French/ German/ Irish descent

54 Years Young

A “tad shy” of 5’4″

138 Lbs.


Natural Redhead – Blue Eyes

Long flowing hair down past my derriere 

Size M Clothing/Size 8 Dress/Size 9 pants

Size 6 Shoe

“Beautiful Dancers Arch”

Ready to devour more?

Come with me on a unique journey as we make memories together.