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I would love to come visit you for an unforgettable all inclusive excursion where we meet and devour the City/State/Country of your choice.

We will then revel in the scenery we find one on one.

Be that an evening together, a vacation getaway, a quick wet of the appetite with the smells of excellent cuisine,

or we just lose ourselves in the moment…..

The anticipation of a well thought out excursion is the most enticing aphrodisiac I can think of.

I am all yours.

Longer Appointments, of course, are available and encouraged to make the most out of our time together on these outings.

Please inquire through email for rates for your preferred length of our date if you do not see them.

​My Travel to You engagements are All Inclusive, and all transportation arrangements are made by me.

 I will make our accommodations as well, if you are not hosting us.

*A Deposit of 50% Will Be Required To Confirm Our Booking*





















 ​If you are further away from me in the South East US areas that is wonderful too.

I offer "Fly Me to You", as well as "Train to You" ( if available )

Rates for these travel arrangements are the same as my Tour Rates with a 6 Hr Minimum plus $400 Travel Expenses

( click here to return to Touring Rates)



 Let’s get in touch, and we can make some arrangements to get me out to see you. 


I also offer "Travel with You" bookings.

Do you want to take a trip to a place you have been dreaming about? Do you need a companion by your side?

I would love to meet you at our Connecting Airport and fly away together.

Perhaps I am already seated, and you board the plane with anticipation of meeting me.

I see you coming down the aisle ( I noticed the sly smile that you have attached )

Our eyes lock.....We know we have found one another.....

You sit down, we immediately embrace, and my heart beats a little faster as we prepare to fly off to that Bucket List!!.

I would love to be on your arm, and my rates will reflect EXACTLY how much you inviting me means to me.

Let's travel the World together!

Get in touch to discuss plans and get away!

​Exotic rendezvous under the stars of a million cities??  How can we miss experiencing this together?

And the the World wonders why I keep this smile…….

3 Hour Booking for Florida/Georgia  ( up to 2 hour drive from Jacksonville)


  4 Hour Booking in Florida/Georgia/South Carolina


4 Hour Booking in North Carolina/Alabama


4 Hour Booking in Mississippi/Tennessee


4 Hour Booking in Louisiana/Kentucky/West Virginia/ Virginia


Clarice Bertinne
Clarice Bertinne
Clarice Bertinne
Clarice Bertinne
Clarice Bertinne
Clarice Bertinne
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