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I would love to come visit you for an unforgettable all inclusive affair where we meet and devour the City/State of your choice

Be that an evening together, a vacation getaway, a quick wet of the appetite with the smells of excellent cuisine,

or we just lose ourselves in the moment…..

I am all yours.


Longer Appointments are available and encouraged to make the most out of our time together on these outings.

I am also available for travel to the USVI and outside of the United States, as I am passport ready. Email me for those arrangements

​My Travel to You engagements are All Inclusive, and all transportation bookings are made by me.

 I will make our accommodations as well, if you are not hosting us.

*A Deposit of 50% Will Be Required To Confirm Our Booking*

*Florida/Georgia  ( up to a 2 hour drive from Jacksonville)*

4 hrs  $1800​

6 hrs $2000

8 hrs  $2200 ​


*Florida/ Georgia/South Carolina*

4 hrs $2400

6 hrs $2600

8 hrs $2800 ​


*North Carolina/Alabama*

4 hrs $3000

6 hrs $3200

8 hrs $3400 ​


*Mississippi/Tennessee/Louisiana/Kentucky/West Virginia/ Virginia*

4 hrs $3600

6 hrs $3800

8 hrs $4000 ​


​If you are further away from me in the South East US areas that is wonderful too.

I offer Fly Me to You/Train to You ( if available ) ​

Let’s get in touch and make some arrangements to get me out to see you. ​


Traveling is a passion of mine, and I would love to be on your arm as we travel the World together

Get in touch for rates, discuss plans, and get away! ​



Exotic rendezvous under the stars of a million cities??  How can we miss experiencing this together?

​ And the the World wonders why I keep this smile…….

















Clarice Bertinne
Clarice Bertinne
Clarice Bertinne
Clarice Bertinne
Clarice Bertinne
Clarice Bertinne
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