You are intrigued so far yes? Let’s dig a little deeper into who I am.


I am a Mid-Western lady; born and bred in the great city of St. Louis.

Although I consider it still my "home",  I moved to Florida in the early 1980's.

The lure of an uninhibited free lifestyle in the Sun appealed to me, and as they say, the rest is history.

I went to college, played it straight for a few years, and then that wild side took over.

A wanton fire inside me leaped out in the form of my name up in lights (almost).....

My career as an Erotic Stripper had begun.

The clubs back then were much different than they are today.

We were an art form, and through this experience I learned so much about intimacy....within myself and others.

I do not miss my days on the stage, as I have found a much more intimate world for myself.

However, I will not turn down a private opportunity to still show my sultry side accompanied with grace on heels.

Music continues to be in my blood, and I enjoy dancing until my heels fall apart; which they have been know to do at times.

Shall we dance the forbidden tango?

I stayed in the Erotic Entertainment Industry, while building my personal business in my private life, until life brought me here to you in 2004.

I soon discovered a world behind curtains that called to me. 

A world of intimacy that enveloped me with an unforgettable touch from the start.

And here we are today….You and I……Forming unforgettable connections.


​As you get to know me, you will find that I am a free minded, open thinker, that devours the arts, books, my garden, the vast array of food the World offers, the intricacies of the human connection, fine teas, travel, my pets, and exploring my journey of LIFE every day.

I am a musician that plays several instruments, and I also dabble in painting ( but only for my eyes, as I am learning!)

You can start joining me in this walk by finding me based in Jacksonville Florida spreading my lust for life and beyond.


I am also available for Travel throughout the USA 

FMTY Engagements, in select cities on Tour, and Exclusive Arrangements

 I am always Passport ready. Let's get that stamp together!

It is my pleasure to accompany you on a beautiful get away from the normal.


I am an adventurer that can mold to any scenario I am thrown into and fit in with ease.

An outing in the wilderness? I have my own camping gear.

A Black Tie Affair? I own exquisite ballgowns for just the occasion.

Let’s think outside of the box…. together.

The adventure will go far beyond the scenery we gaze at.



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