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My Rates are Cash Only, Not for Negotiation, and will Not Be Discussed at any time.

If you need to, please feel free to visit this page as many times as you feel necessary.

For the safety of my Friends, Clients, Family and Myself.
I am fully vaccinated  and boosted, immune compromised ( because of having Cancer before), and I have to make my health number one.

I honestly would like to keep my company that of like minded safe individuals

that have been using precaution these last few years.

I do hope we mesh in that outlook on things.

If you have decided that you are still safely in your bubble, and would like to stay in touch until you  are on the prowl again,

I have made options especially for you 

( also a great way for yourself to get acquainted and shake those jitters)

Get in touch for those special  Text/Call Bookings


Please click the links below for corresponding information on packages offered.

I am looking forward to connecting with you. 

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